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Revolutionizing Collaboration in the Oil and Gas Industry with IronSight

At IronSight, we are passionate about efficiency. True efficiency is only possible when your software works like your business does — collecting the necessary infomation from all parties in real-time.

Let’s take a look at how, with recent advancements to the IronSight platform, Oil and Gas Producers, Service Providers, and Midstream companies can collaborate in new ways on IronSight.

If you prefer video content, you can view my presentation below.

Multi-Company Collaboration

Conventional field logistics software makes it difficult for trucking companies to work with multiple oil producer customers. Work could not be managed in one portal, forcing them to log in and out on different sites to keep track of work for different customers, struggling to keep the list of trucks in sync.

With recent changes to the platform, we have eliminated this challenge. With first-class support for multi-company collaboration service providers can now use one browser window to manage all their people, trucks, equipment, and most importantly - work. Less time hopping between platforms means more time on what really matters.

For a quick demonstration of how this works, watch the video below.

If you are already familiar with how IronSight works for E&Ps, skip to 2:40 for how multi-company collaboration works for service providers.

Isolate Your Operations

You have lots going on and don’t want to be distracted by information that isn’t relevant to you. IronSight's recent changes allow you to make our platform work the way your business does.

You can separate your geographically distinct assets and as an example, keep your tubing, electrical/instrumentation, and water groups in their own lanes.

IronSight clients now use this feature to run distinct operations across different areas, from the Canadian prairies to the Gulf of Mexico. By aligning your operations with specific hubs, you can focus on relevant tasks, reducing confusion and increasing efficiency.

New Collaboration Opportunities

Some types of collaboration have been more difficult or even impossible to do with conventional field logistics software.

One example is data sharing between energy producers and midstream companies. In IronSight, energy producers and midstream companies can seamlessly share production accounting data, enabling real-time collaboration to reduce congestion, and waiting time.

When both parties can access their data in real-time, everyone saves time and reduces costly errors.

Unlocking Mutual Benefits

IronSight goes beyond facilitating collaboration between energy producers and midstream companies. It also enables companies involved in water resource management to identify and seize opportunities for mutual benefit. For example, in the Permian Basin, multiple companies are utilizing WaterCNX, a marketplace within IronSight, to identify water-sharing opportunities on a weekly basis.

In this example, we see that even Oil Producers are able to collaborate using IronSight.

By surfacing available ponds, risers, and SWDs, we help companies work together to ensure every barrel of water is maximally utilized to its fullest potential.


IronSight is transforming collaboration in the Oil and Gas industry, empowering Oil and Gas Producers, Service Companies, and Midstream companies to work together seamlessly and efficiently. With features like seamless multi-company collaboration, tools for isolation, and solutions for novel ways of working with partners, IronSight is revolutionizing the way the industry operates. Stay tuned - we’re not done yet!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements as we continue to enhance your collaboration experience with IronSight.

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