What is Dispatch as a Service?

Dispatch as a Service or DaaS, is offered to help ensure every client finds success while using the IronSight platform. When you have an IronSight account you have the option to have an IronSight Dispatcher embed with your team to help coordinate day-to-day field operations.

This dispatcher or “DaaSer” will use IronSight to take work/service requests coming from the field, and schedule them to meet the specific requirements of your operation.

Why use DaaS?

Every client that IronSight works with runs a unique operation with different needs, limitations, and expectations. DaaS isn’t required for a successful implementation of IronSight, but it can be the perfect fit for some operations to maximize the value of using IronSight.


IronSight has onboarded over 450 service providers and provides DaaS for some of the world’s leading energy producers.

Our DaaS team has dispatched over a million jobs using IronSight over the years and has navigated their fair share of challenging logistics. When you pay IronSight to provide DaaS, know that you are paying for an experienced dispatching professional dedicated to helping you achieve your organization's goals.


IronSight Dispatchers have access to IronSight’s general pool of knowledge regarding operational activity in their area. While your DaaSer can’t directly share the information they have access to, they will be able to leverage this information in your favor by helping you secure the best rates, operators, equipment, and develop the best relationships available in your operational area.

Combining these insights with their years of experience, DaaSers can often coordinate work more effectively than even a traditional in-house dispatcher.


IronSight DaaS can provide support from source to pay. You let us know who your service providers/clients are, and we’ll go out and PARTNER with them to ensure you have the best deals available, with the best partners available.

From there we’ll validate the quality of fit for your operations, and onboard the necessary users onto IronSight; providing training, building relationships, and offering continuous support/troubleshooting so that everyone involved can be efficient and effective on the IronSight Platform.

We’ll hold everyone involved accountable for delivering what’s promised, and even handle ticketing, confirmations, and invoicing.

A step change in efficiency

Most companies have a functional dispatching process with skilled dispatchers in place. If you're reading this, than there's a high likelihood you're not interested in continuing with the status quo.

Adopting IronSight will empower your current dispatchers to go from functional - to excellent.

Combining IronSight with DaaS will help you go from excellent to exceptional.

Image showing how IronSight and Dispatch as a Service help deliver more efficient, more effective dispatching than traditional dispatching processes and teams

What can you expect from DaaS?

Dispatch as a Service is a unique offering. Here's some of the basics on how DaaS can support your business.  


Act as a single point of contact for all dispatching activities for both internal users and third-party service providers/clients.


Optimize field resources to ensure decisions always made in the best interests of your organization. Typically with a focus on cost savings


Ensure compliance with your requirements and that that everyone and fills out the appropriate documentation.


Provide daily schedule updates so all teams are aware of workload and equipment requirements for the following day.

Data collection

Act as a steward for data collection, helping define KPIs with a focus on identifying cost savings and opportunities for continuous improvement.

User Support

Provide support for user issues & questions, acting as a direct contact for both internal users and third-party service providers/clients.

User Onboarding

Although IronSight's Customer Success team leads user onboarding efforts, DaaSers can serve as a supplemental resource for training and onboarding.

Vendor Sourcing

Help with sourcing competitive rates and assist with identifying current market conditions and making informed decisions on the most cost-effective services.

Logistics Optimization

Determine the best routes of transportation, establish more  economical shipping routes and working with other logistics concerns.

Want to learn more

about DaaS?

Schedule a call with our team to learn more about how Dispatch as a Service can bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your operations.