WaterCNX is the premier, fit-for-purpose solution to help you quickly identify opportunities to maximize water utilization through collaboration.
Join today to view and post water resources, services, and infrastructure in the Permian Basin.

Visual of the WaterCNX Field View Map showing  a number of locations posted by Operators and Midstream Companies. Includes a side panel showing the details of a location.

Phased Rollout

WaterCNX is currently live in the Permian, with expansion to other basins planned for 2024.

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How it Works

A image show how a location in WaterCNX can be connected but not sharing with Company 1, Connected and Sharing with Company 2, and not connected and not sharing with Company 3


Other companies won't be able to see any of your locations until you get connected — and that's by design. WaterCNX gives you complete control over the sharing process.

Our platform allows you to establish trusted connections, ensuring that your data is shared only with your verified partners. Once partnered, you can choose which companies you want to share each water location with.


Fully scope each location to reduce back-and-forth communication with other water coordinators:

  • Type: Pond, SWD, Riser, and more
  • Status: Short, Long, Capacity, Neutral
  • Inventory: Blended, Brackish, Fresh, Produced, Reclaimed, Treated Produced
  • Volume: Total capacity (kbbl) or daily rate (kbbl/d)
  • Access: Share with all or specific partners

Have a long list?  Locations can be bulk imported to WaterCNX.

An image showing an email update displaying potential water-sharing opportunities based on the users preferences.


Explore the WaterCNX filterable map to find your locations, then look nearby for color-coded locations posted by partnered organizations. When a short (red) is close to a long (green), it's time to investigate further. 

For an automated approach, subscribe to an emailed list of sharing opportunities according to custom matching criteria, such as when there is a long Riser within 2 miles of a short Pond. 

An image that shows how to quickly send an email to a location owner in order to connect and collaborate on a potential opportunity.


After you identify an opportunity - it's time to take action. If you're not using IronSight, you can phone/email the company's water contact listed on the location. 

If you have an IronSight subscription, you'll be able to seamlessly coordinate and track opportunities with your IronSight connections.

Note: Some of the features shown above are currently managed by WaterCNX admins and have not yet been released to users. As the WaterCNX Network grows, so will its user facing functionality. For a look at how WaterCNX works today, contact us for a personalized demonstration.

Open to Everyone

WaterCNX is open to all companies. As more participants join, more locations get shared, which leads to more opportunities to improve water utilization. 

Just because WaterCNX is open to everyone, doesn't mean you need to be. You'll have full control over which companies you choose to connect with,  right down to the location level.
If things change, so can your connections.


Identify opportunities to share with other operators, and gain visibility into midstream/SWD capacities.

Have an IronSight subscription? Take WaterCNX even further by managing services such as fluid hauling, and construction of infrastructure all from a single platform.

Midstream / SWD

Provide your clients with visibility into disposal, storage, and treatment capacity at your locations.

WaterCNX is also an effective way to identify potential clients, and better understand what services they may need.

Service Providers

While anyone is welcome to join WaterCNX, companies without location-based water services may benefit more from joining IronSight instead.

Reach out using the form below to learn more about WaterCNX and IronSight.