WaterCNX is a single, collaborative hub to coordinate and share the most efficient transfer and utilization of oilfield water across multiple companies.


The first marketplace for WaterCNX has been rolled out across the Permian Basin.


Water is a valuable resource that needs to be utilized with care and efficiency. By providing a platform to build a collaborative energy future together we can optimize water use and limit environmental impact


Drop a pin on a shared map and broadcast the water you have (long) or water you need (short) to your peers.

IronSight enabled powered by you

This is your opportunity to unlock your company's potential to improve your OPEX while making a positive environmental impact. Be one of the first of your peers to make a difference.

Pilot Phase

Launched March 22, 2023

The pilot program of leading operators launch on WaterCNX and begin collaborating on sharing water resources within the Permian Basin.

Pilot objectives:
  1. Gather Feedback
  2. Product Testing
  3. Gain Operator Traction
  4. Start sharing water immediately
How to get started:
  1. Connect with IronSight
  2. Setup and Training
  3. Post and Collaborate
IronSight WaterCNX image showing how water sharing works.Example of Information found when WaterCNX is used with services.

Expansion Phase

Platform expansion to include additional operators, midstream operators, disposal companies, and exploration of other opportunities.


Ready to start sharing?

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