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Discover the advantages of consolidating your field operations workflows on a single, user-friendly platform with IronSight.


Submit and confirm service or equipment requests within seconds, not hours.

IronSight ensures that requests, regardless of their source, include all the relevant information to schedule and perform jobs efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Digital Job Requests

Field workers and Dispatchers can swiftly request the exact services and equipment they need. Once a service provider or field worker initiates the job, the requester will be notified and can track their request with real-time GPS.

Requests come from:

  • Mobile app (Apple and Android devices)
  • Web app (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  • Old School - You can receive a job request any way you’d like. If it’s not requested in IronSight or an automated job request, you’ll need a coordinator/dispatcher to create the request.
 A Mobile app screen showing a digital job request, the first step in creating a digital ticket for an oil and gas job
Automated job requesting and digital ticketing with IronSight. Drag and drop scheduling and dispatching software

Automated Job Requests

Automatically generate jobs in IronSight by integrating your enterprise software (ERP/CMMS/EAM), SCADA, or IoT devices. By connecting your single source of truth with a single source of field coordination, you can eliminate human errors and save time.

Photo and File Attachments

Improve communication and accessibility by attaching relevant files and images to any job to accurately illustrate what needs to be done. Requesters can attach images illustrating what needs to be done:

  • Photos of equipment, sites, spills, parts, etc.
  • Coordinators can include procedures, charts, and other relevant documents SOPs.
  • Location notices and more.
Mobile app for field service management software. Attach photos and files to any digital ticket or digital form

Custom Fields

Jobs in IronSight have core fields, which capture the minimum data that every job needs, such as dates and locations. Custom fields allow IronSight to gather additional job data that is important to you and your unique operation.

Custom Fields pop onto the job dynamically based on other selections like activity, location, and division.  Include things like:

  • Part dimensions
  • Detailed instructions
  • Meter information
  • And whatever else is needed

For example, when creating a belt maintenance job, IronSight will automatically ask you to include the belt size.

Digital Approvals

Review a comprehensive record of every completed job and provide approval with a tap of a button. Eliminate the need to search for signatures or stamps in person, handle physical paper documents or decipher billing accuracy.


Coordinate and streamline your operations with our intuitive dispatch hub. Optimize available resources with real-time visibility and GPS mapping to efficiently schedule the best fit for any job.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Quickly assign a job to a worker, field crew, or company with a drag and drop. IronSight helps you assign the optimal resource based on:

  • Who’s closest - Quickly identify the closest available resource with a single click.
  • Who’s available - Leverage a real-time schedule showing you who’s available, and what they are working on
  • Who’s properly spec’d - Clearly see each resource’s tools, specs, capacity, and skills
  • Who’s cost-effective - Make cost-based decisions to maximize your spend
Quickly assign a job to a worker, field crew, or company with drag and drop scheduling using IronSight dispatching software
IronSight Field Operations Scheduling Software can show schedules by day, by week, or by list view

Day/Week/List View

Easily toggle between different scheduling views depending on your preferences. Quickly switch between the big picture and what’s happening this minute.

Real-Time Map

Gain a comprehensive, minute-by-minute birds-eye view of your jobs, internal teams, service providers, and inventory with IronSight.

IronSight field operations management software provides a real-time GPS map of all units and workers in the field
Use IronSight to for time tracking workorders, tickets, and jobs.

Time Tracking

Access detailed, auditable information about every job and resource coordinated in IronSight, including:

  • Precise job completion times
  • Resource utilization rates (productive vs non-productive time)
  • Real-time resource status (active, standby, offline)
  • Job start, pause, and completion times
  • On-site time tracking through manual entries or automated geofencing updates.

Custom Location Fields

Capture and communicate important details about each unique location. With more information about your locations, you can more effectively optimize your operations.

Custom location fields with IronSight help you capture the detail you need for every type of location you work
Use geofencing to automate location monitoring and trigger automatic workflows based on location


Automate location monitoring with a virtual map boundary that uses GPS to detect when a resource enters or exits. Automate actions and keep track of time spent in each location, without the need for manual check-ins or check-outs.

Multi-Job Scheduling

Scheduling multiple jobs shouldn’t take hours. With IronSight, multi-job scheduling happens in three common ways:

    • Recurring Jobs: Schedule the same job across multiple days or for multiple times in one day
    • Bulk Updates/Integrations: Update your 100’s of jobs with a few clicks using a .csv upload or instantly with an integration into your CMMS/ERP
    • Projects: Group multiple jobs into a project to ensure everything is completed in the proper sequence. Track the overall progress of a project, easily search for jobs, and leverage project based analytics.

Inventory Tracking

Specify the fluid or inventory you want to be delivered to or removed from a site. When the job  is marked as completed by a driver, IronSight transfers the quantity from the pickup location and adds it to the destination, automatically keeping a record of transactions and balances so you can spend less time managing inventory and more time optimizing logistics.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Fluid Tracking
  • Asset Tracking

IronSight seamlessly integrates with satellite asset trackers from top-rated manufacturers. By simply attaching a palm-sized GPS tracker to a piece of equipment, its coordinates can be automatically integrated into IronSight's real-time map and analytics dashboards.

Dispatch as a Service (DaaS)

To help ensure client success with IronSight, we offer the option to have an IronSight Dispatcher embedded with your team to help coordinate field operations. An IronSight Dispatcher or “DaaSer” will use IronSight to take work/service requests coming from the field and schedule them to meet the unique requirements of your operation.

Learn more about DaaS

IronSight Dispatch as a service


Seamlessly connect your SCADA system with IronSight to auto-generate notifications and job requests according to business rules based on your specific needs and requirements.

Using an IoT Device or Suite that isn’t SCADA?
Reach out to talk with our team about integrating with IronSight.


One easy-to-use mobile app built from the field up, so you know what you need to get the job done. When it comes to apps in the field, simplicity is key and offline capability is a must.

Mobile App

Keep everyone on the same page whether they are in the office, or in the field. The IronSight mobile app is designed to be accessible and simple to use.

IronSight Mobile App is simple and easy to use. Quickly see a list of upcoming tasks and complete field work
GPS Driving Directions for every job with the IronSight Mobile App. Always know where to go for every Oil and Gas job you do.

GPS Driving Directions

Eliminate ambiguity around destination and travel time by utilizing integrated GPS driving directions to ensure  you stay on course and arrive on-time.

Worried about unmapped roads?

Reach out to learn how we can make sure your team knows exactly how to get wherever they need to go.

Offline Capability

No reception? No problem. Even when a field worker has no cell reception or internet, they can still create and update work on IronSight’s mobile app. When the device regains data connection any offline work is automatically synced and updated.

IronSight Oil and Gas field operations management app is offline capable
The IronSIght in-app chat tool helps keep the office and the field connected. Quickly and easily reach dispatch when on a job.

Chat with Dispatch

Even with a comprehensive digital scheduling function, sometimes coordinators need a direct line to the field. With cross-company communication, read receipts, and an auditable history, you can rely on IronSight’s chat as a more efficient alternative to phone calls and texts.


Never miss a beat. Field workers are automatically notified about job updates, chat messages from dispatchers, and more.

Get instant notifications and updates about jobs with the IronSight app


Effortlessly capture accurate field data in one central location and improve the quantity and quality of your data. Quickly associate captured data with data from integrations to consolidate important information. Easily transfer your new data to the appropriate channels for processing and analysis.

Digital Job Forms

IronSight’s digital job forms are designed to capture crucial on-site information from field workers executing the job. Forms are automatically attached to a job based on the type of work and must be filled out prior to completion. The data collected can be used for standard use cases like field ticketing, production accounting, and reliability analysis - or custom forms can be created to replace any existing form you want to collect in IronSight.

IronSight digital forms for oil and gas, production accounting, fluid hauling, safety, inspections, and more. Quick and easy to fill.
Fill out digital forms for your field data capture anytime, anywhere.

Adhoc Forms

Always be prepared for the unexpected. IronSight's ad-hoc forms offer the flexibility to capture necessary information at any time during the day, enabling your operation to adapt and handle any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Work Permits
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Forms
  • Field Data Capture
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Equipment Inspections/Calibrations
  • Jobsite Reports
  • Any form you fill today

Audit Log

Maintain an unlimited number of auditable logs that document every event in your field operations. With various individuals from different organizations working together on jobs, it is crucial to record every change.

Eliminate uncertainty in scheduling, approvals, and billing by having complete knowledge of precisely what has happened for every job.

Auditable logs for every job. Record and report on every change and detail to support accurate data capture for Oil and Gas jobs.
After filling out a digital safety, or inspection form, quickly and easily assign a follow-up action and ensure work keeps flowing efficiently and safely.

Follow-Up Actions

Incorporate business rules directly into your digital forms to automatically generate follow-up actions when a form is submitted that meets the defined criteria. Admins can easily review all forms on a filterable, sortable, and searchable list, and promptly assign actions to other organizations, teams, or users.

Photo and File Attachments

Improve communication by attaching pertinent files and images to jobs and forms, keeping everything organized in one convenient location:

  • Requesters can include images to illustrate the required work.
  • Photos of equipment, sites, spills, parts, and more can be added.
  • Coordinators can attach procedures, charts, and other pertinent documents.
  • SOPs, location notices, and other materials can be included.
  • Users can upload images and documents as proof of completion.
  • Snap a photo to show that the work was properly completed.
  • Confirm procedural adherence, such as chain-up and harness compliance.
  • Keep track of invoices, manifests, and receipts.
Attach photos and other files to any digital field ticket or digital form.
Download PDFs for every digital field ticket on IronSight. PDF downloads contain a link to the job, as well as any attachments and other required data.

Download Job PDF

Digitalize your ticketing with IronSight. For service providers using our SkipTheTicket integration, job data and PDFs are automatically sent to invoicing systems. For those with a more traditional invoicing process, jobs can be downloaded locally as PDFs.

GPS Breadcrumbs

GPS breadcrumbs offer another level of validation with a precise map of physical location over time, with each breadcrumb having its own time stamp.

Record a log of every route taken for each job in your field operation with GPS Breadcrumbs.


IronSight empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data so you can benchmark your operations with ease and identify opportunities to optimize. Generate powerful insights with our internal analytics dashboards or integrate with your existing data lake or BI system to make data-driven decisions and achieve your goals.

Analytic Dashboards

Benchmark and drive operational efficiency with real-time analytics. Easily explore and share data with features like:

  • Self-serve: Use an easy-to-use interactive chart builder to derive your own data.
  • Automated emails: Send dashboards to the right people at the right time.
  • Drill-downs: Click on a chart to explore the underlying data in-depth.
  • Vendor access: Share dashboards with your vendors and enable data sandboxing.
  • Automated alerts: Notify someone when a threshold is reached or an event is detected in the field.
IronSight Analytics dashboard for fluid hauling, maintenance, electrical, trades, safety, and other important field operations management data.

Operational Benchmarking and Insights

IronSight can collect thousands of unique datapoints, providing you with the opportunity to derive actionable and impactful insights from your operation.

Safety Indicators

Gain insight into safety program participation, identify leading and lagging indicators, and proactively identify hazards before they lead to incidents.

Analyze real-time safety data about your worksite and field operations.
ESG Report

ESG Reporting

IronSight’s ESG analytics dashboards empower your company to monitor and exceed its ESG targets.

Analytic Integration

Utilize our internal BI system or effortlessly integrate it into your existing system. Ensure all the right information is in the right places.

Analytic Integration


IronSight integrates seamlessly with your existing software to take the gruntwork out of field operations.

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