Getting Started with WaterCNX

1. Setting up your password

Each user who is invited to the platform will receive an email from with instructions for setting their password.

Once the password has been created, go back to the welcome email and click on the appropriate link to reach the IronSight Platform (Log into Dispatch Hub)

2. Accessing the platform

Go to, login in and navigate to the Field View

3. Location Management and Visibility

Location Management
Locations are submitted to and managed by your Customer Success Manager (CSM).
Your CSM will work with your team to add, remove, update, and share your locations based on your preferences.

Location Visibility
When you first submit your locations, you will have the option to determine who will have access to view each location.
Location visibility can be adjusted at any time by contacting your CSM.

4. Connecting on Opportunities

When you find an opportunity that matches your needs, simple click the Blue Underlined name of the company that owns the location.
Once you click the link you will be able to email the location owner with your request.


How do I access WaterCNX?

To gain access to WaterCNX, send your company administrators info (name, email, company) to

Please provide an email to be used for shared inbox (e.g.  
The shared inbox will be provided to other WaterCNX participants when they would like to connect with you about an opportunity.

How do I add users to the WaterCNX Platform?

View the tutorial video on how to Add/Manage Users

Which browsers can I use to access WaterCNX?

Users added to IronSight can sign in to on any modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

How do I access WaterCNX on my computer?

Users added to IronSight can sign in by visiting the login portal here.

Who has visibility/access to WaterCNX?

In order to view and use WaterCNX you must pay for a subscription. WaterCNX works best as a marketplace, so sharing locations with all participants is recommended, however, it is not required. You have the ability to select which other participants will be able to view the opportunities you post.

Who can edit/add locations in the platform?

Only the organization that owns the location can make edits to location details.

Who can see my email address?

WaterCNX participants do not see each other’s personal emails, names, or any other user information. Communication is done via the shared inbox.

How do I reset my password?

Watch the tutorial video on resetting my password via the Web.

Where can I go for other self-serve tools on how to use the platform?

You can find self-serve support resources by clicking "Support" on our website, or by clicking here.

Who do I contact for support?

Please email us at