Ticketing & Invoicing Made Simple

Streamline your entire workflow from dispatch to invoice with IronSight. Designed for hauling and maintenance service providers, our platform will impress your clients, reduce manual tasks, and accelerate your billing cycle.

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How it works

Connect with Clients on IronSight

IronSight is a collaborative network where supply and demand meet to enhance field service efficiency. Connect with energy producers already on IronSight to get job requests directly through our app. For clients not yet on IronSight, you can add them in just a few seconds.

Setup your Price Book

Supplier admins can define products/services, setting names, prices, types, and descriptions, enabling drivers to easily select these items on jobs to add accurate billable charges.

Offer an Uber-Like Request Experience

Clients can request services with the simplicity and transparency of sending a ride request on Uber, tracking progress to the job site and minimizing the need for phone calls. For clients who prefer traditional communication, your dispatch team can easily input phone or text requests into the app, combining modern convenience with traditional service.

Efficient Dispatch

A unified view shows all job requests, your team's locations, and schedules on a real-time map, enhancing job assignment and communication. Dispatchers can directly message field workers, and updates or changes are communicated instantly through notifications, keeping everyone informed.

Job Execution

Workers receive job notifications on their mobile app, access all necessary details, start the job, and mark it as complete, with the app tracking time and GPS breadcrumbs for full transparency.

Digital Paperwork

Post-job, workers can fill digital forms and add billable items directly in the app, selecting from the same price book listings you use in invoicing systems like QuickBooks. This ensures consistency in billing. Plus, jobs can be approved on the spot, and you can choose whether to display pricing.

Office Review and Approval Submission

Your office team can review comprehensive billing details, including job specifics, routes, time, and materials, in one centralized location. Once verified, jobs can be submitted for digital approval, streamlining the process.

Enhanced Client Approval Process

Clients access a consolidated view of pending approvals, with all necessary information readily available to expedite the approval process and simplify dispute resolution.

Batch for Invoicing

Customize your invoicing by grouping related jobs with flexible search and filter options, tailoring batches to your specific business rules.

Export to Invoicing and Accounts Payable Systems

A single click exports PDFs for individual jobs and a CSV file for easy import into QuickBooks, OpenTicket, and other systems, with integration options for automatic data transfer.

Stay Organized

Ensure accurate invoicing and avoid double billing by quickly reviewing batched and unbatched jobs with the Batch Status filter.

IronSight Pro pricing

Start your free 30-day trial and access all IronSight Pro features, no credit card required.

Per month
A feature limited account, sponsored by your client.
Per month
Starting price. Tiered based on company size.
Jobs & Forms
Request, schedule, execute jobs
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Submit forms
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All client and internal forms*
Enforce form requirements on jobs
Ticketing & Invoicing
Billable line items
Saved products / services
Batch for invoicing
Bulk download PDFs
Export batch CSV to QuickBooks
Invite Guest Requesters
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Real-time analytics dashboards

*Includes 8 hours of onboarding support. Additional form/dashboard design time is available at an extra charge.

Getting Started with IronSight Is Simple

Setting up IronSight is swift and straightforward—the record is just 27 minutes. We're eager to understand your needs, showcase a customized demo, and present a comprehensive proposal tailored to your business. Once onboard, our dedicated customer success team will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth transition and successful implementation.

Chart showing how IronSight can reduce the time spent on ticketing and invoicing processes for oilfield service providers