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Quarterly Event #1

Thank you to everyone for attending IronSight's first quarterly event hosted on May 18th, 2023!

For a condensed version of the event, please view the video below:

So, what did we cover?

Getting connected in MarketPlace

In this session, Senior Product Manager, Stephen Visser walked through:

  • How IronSight can integrate your clients and/or service providers into your digital workflow for fast easy, and end-to-end management of field operations
  • How energy producers can isolate operations by geography or by function
  • How energy producers can securely share data with their peers to maximize collaboration

Key takeaways:

  • IronSight now supports multi-company collaboration, allowing service providers to work for multiple customers and have complete control over their users and resources
  • Energy producers can isolate their operations geographically or by function using hubs, allowing for better organization and focus on specific areas
  • Energy producers and Midstream companies can collaborate by sharing locations and data in real-time, optimizing operations and reducing wait times at terminals
  • Future improvements include a new administration experience, the ability for service providers to manage hubs on behalf of customers, organizing users and resources into teams, and enhanced support for midstream companies

Extending IronSight

In this session, VP of Product and Co-Founder, Adam Jessome covered:

  • How IronSight uses a wide range of dynamic jobs fields so field workers can see and fill exactly what they need to, when they need to
  • A demonstration of how IronSight can go from SCADA alert to invoice with only three simple interactions

Key takeaways:

  • IronSight has made it simpler to collect more data on workflows and connect it with existing cloud solutions
  • Customers can add 30 new field types to a job, allowing for more comprehensive data collection
  • Adding more fields leads to fully scoped requests, informed coordinators, prepared execution, and more in-depth analytics and integrations
  • IronSight has extended its capabilities through integrations, such as syncing data from systems like production accounting, SAP, and other CMMS systems, as well as utilizing SCADA and field sensors for automated job creation and syncing information with invoicing systems

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