Simple. Connected. Workflows. | Q3.23 Event

August 15, 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended our Simple. Connected. Workflows. Q3.2023 webinar!

In case you missed it, here's a quick recap of what was covered:

IronSight Co-Founder and President, Shawn Martens spoke with Jackie Forrest from the ARC Energy Research Institute to get her thoughts on:

- Recent Oil and Gas Prices

- Canada’s challenges with wide ranging and volatile price discounts

- Capital spend on clean energy

- GHG emissions reduction

- Future demand for Oil and Gas


If you’d like to hear Jackie and Shawn’s conversation, you can watch the complete Q&A session here:

In this presentation, Senior Product Manager, Stephen Visser, and Co-Founder AdamJessome cover:

- Configuring unique workflows for your team using the Admin Portal

- Digitalizing paper ticket and forms

- Capturing line items, time sheets, fluid volume actuals, and JSAs/FLHAs

- The basics of Integrations with IronSight

- Reporting Dashboards

- Exporting jobs to create invoices in QuickBooks

- Electronic Shipping Documents for Transportation of Dangerous Good

View our guide to ESD's for TDG here

Join IronSight’s Staff Engineer Craig Cairns as he demonstrates Dynamic Dispatching. With this feature you’ll be able to leverage the power of “Pools” to batch groups of vendors and use logic to broadcast a job out to multiple vendors at once.

Let’s take the first available vendor as an example. Using Dynamic Dispatch, you can assign a job to your broadcast pool, and give the first available vendor the opportunity to claim the job.


As our platform has grown, we've seen an increasing need for our users to have the ability to use our mobile app not just execute jobs, but schedule and review jobs as well. This new update will enable a user to Request, Schedule, Execute, and Document a job from their mobile device.